PSSI at 69th International Astronautical Congress (IAC)


PSSI took part in the 69th International Astronautical Congress (IAC) held this year on October 1-5, 2018, in Bremen, Germany. The theme of this year’s Congress was “IAC2018 – Involving Eveyone“ (more information about IAC 2018 available here). PSSI contributed with a lecture and two papers. Dr. Martina Šmuclerová, PSSI Senior Fellow, delivered a lecture (and an article) on October 3 at the 61st IISL Colloquium on the Law of Outer Space on the topic “Legal Perspectives for the Further Development of the Five United Nations Treaties on Outer Space in Light of Rising Multistakeholderism“. Dr. Smuclerova presented the legal modes concerning how international space law can be updated and developed with and without the revision of the UN Space Treaties (PPT presentation available here). PSSI also presented a paper entitled “Europe’s Management of Space Hybrid Threats“ in session D5.4 entitled “Cybersecurity Threats to Space Missions and Countermeasures to Address Them“. It argued that to build a resilient space architecture in Europe, hybrid operations, including those stemming from cyber and economic and financial (E&F) predations, need to be integrated into the broader security architectures of NATO and EU member states. (PPT presentation can be accessed here.)

New Issue of Our Newsletter About the the Economic and Financial Aspects of National Security is Now Available


The latest issue of the newsletter presents the outline of the Czech investment screening mechanism, explores the role of the International Investment Bank, and takes a look at the Russian investments in Crimea.  ... more »

PSSI Launched a Newsletter in English on the Economic and Financial Aspects of National Security


The national security dimensions of global economic and financial (E&F) relations are more apparent in our highly interdependent world than ever before. The newsletter aims to illustrate instances of this phenomenon not only in the Czech Republic ... more »

PSSI Published a Briefing Paper Focusing on the External Influence in Spreading Extremism and Radicalism in the Western Balkans


This is the final briefing paper presenting the results of the research within the project “Western Balkans at the Crossroads: Assessing Non-Democratic External Influence Activities”. The paper covers Russian, Turkish and ... more »

Call for Applications: Great Opportunity for Young and Aspiring Czech Journalists


The Prague Security Studies Institute, in cooperation with the British Embassy in Prague, is launching a new program for students of journalism and journalists at the start of their career. The main aim of the project is to create a deeper understanding ... more »

Internship Opportunity!


We are looking for an intern to work on projects within the framework of our Economic and Financial Threat Program. Deadline for Application: February 12, 2019 Internship: March-August 2019 approximately 25h/month proficiency in ... more »

Invitation: Public Roundtable on Foreign Direct Investment


Join us on February 13 at 5 p.m. at the American Center for a roundtable on the risks connected with non-standard economic behavior of foreign powers. The roundtable will give insight into the development of the EU FDI screening framework and it ... more »