Summaries of four briefing papers examining potentially risky activities of Russian state-owned or state-controlled companies in the Czech Republic now available in English


For the past year, PSSI led a research project which sought to map mechanisms for the protection of the Czech Republic's vital interests from the non-standard economic behavior of foreign powers.

In the framework of this project, PSSI prepared four briefing papers examining potentially risky activities of Russian state-owned or state-controlled companies in the Czech Republic, and the neighboring countries with which the Czech Republic maintains close economic ties. The papers also introduced institutional models for foreign investment screening used in other countries. Summaries of those briefings are now available in English.

The first paper focused on the role of Gazprom in the gas sector of the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, and Slovakia. The second paper took a look at the oil sector and the nuclear power industry in the above-mentioned countries with a particular emphasis on the activities of the Russian state-owned company Rosatom. The third paper focused on the role of Russian companies in the banking and engineering sectors.The last paper focused on the defence industry.

Concerning institutional models for protecting critical infrastructure from potentially risky foreign investors, the first paper introduces the systems used in the U.S. and Canada, while the second turns for inspiration to Germany and Poland, the third focuses on Finland and Austria and the fourth examines mechanisms for foreign investment screening used in Denmark and Great Britain.

The project was supported by Nadace OSF.

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